5th Session of the Startup Talk Chattogram Webinar series completed

On 11th May, 2020 Startup Chattogram completed the 5th session of its webinar series “Startup Talk Chattogram webinar series: Staying connected in crisis time”. The session was different from any other webinar series as it was more of a virtual demo pitch session. Among 50 startups which applied for the session, 11 top startups were chosen to pitch their ideas in front of some of the renowned personalities of the startup ecosystem. The judges carefully listened to these entrepreneurs and marked them with points out of 5. The judges also added additional insights and opinions of how the entrepreneurs can improve their businesses.
The startups that had the opportunity to present were Easyfie, Emedi, Bangladesh Robot force, Agro-hub, Jotokaj, Khamar-e, mistri dako, BDCaringfood, VangariMama, Dakterbari & Foodfex

The judge panel consisted of:
• Sajid Rahman, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Digital Healthcare Solutions, Founder & former CEO, Telenor Health
• Minhaz Anwar, Chief StoryTeller, BetterStories Limited
• Barrister Anita Ghazi Rahman, Advocate, Supreme Court, Managing Partner, The Legal Circle, Independant Director, Chittagong Stock Exchange
• Shammi Quddus, Product Manager, Google

The event was in association with Startup Talk Chattogram, Desperately Seeking Entrepreneurs Chattogram and JABO

Winer of Investment Pitch Chittagong Startup – FoodFex

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